G2 Culture

Meet our Leadership

Godard Abel Headshot

Godard Abel

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Handorf Headshot

Tim Handorf

EVP and GM, Buyer Solutions

Ryan Bonnici Headshot

Ryan Bonnici

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Gorniak Headshot

Matt Gorniak

Chief Revenue Officer

Michael Fauscette Headshot

Michael Fauscette

Chief Research Officer

Mark Myers Headshot

Mark Myers

Chief Design Officer

Sara Rossio Headshot

Sara Rossio

Chief Product Officer

Mike Wheeler Headshot

Mike Wheeler

Chief Technology Officer

Stacy Carlone Headshot

Stacy Carlone

SVP, People

Ted Weitzel Headshot

Ted Weitzel

SVP, Finance & Operations

Henrique Aragao Headshot

Henrique Aragao


Ayan Barua Headshot

Ayan Barua

VP, Engineering - Buyer Solutions

Lauren Decker Headshot

Lauren Decker

VP, Brand & Product Marketing

Marty Duffy Headshot

Marty Duffy

VP, Product Management

Adam Goyette Headshot

Adam Goyette

VP, Demand Generation

Michael Harness Headshot

Michael Harness

VP, Enterprise Sales - West

Kevin Indig Headshot

Kevin Indig


Brian Kroopf Headshot

Brian Kroopf

VP, Commercial Sales - East

Marie MacBain Headshot

Marie MacBain

VP, Research Enablement

Sarah Mattina Headshot

Sarah Mattina

VP, Legal & Associate General Counsel

Kostja Mirkovic Headshot

Kostja Mirkovic

VP, Sales Strategy & Ops

Vamshi Mokshagundam Headshot

Vamshi Mokshagundam

VP, Product - Buyer Solutions

Chris Perrine Headshot

Chris Perrine


Tom Pringle Headshot

Tom Pringle

VP, Market Research

Andrew Stapleton Headshot

Andrew Stapleton

VP, Customer Success

Gordon Tobin Headshot

Gordon Tobin

VP, Commercial Sales & RM - West

Kelly Wasden Headshot

Kelly Wasden

VP, Enterprise Sales

Brittany Wroblewski Headshot

Brittany Wroblewski

VP, Alliances & Partnerships

Our Investors

G2 has developed a strong following, raising $100 million in capital from its founders and leading investors who are passionate about changing the way software is bought and sold, including: