Why You Need Software Reviews

January 7, 2016

Review platforms are the norm in many levels of today's purchasing process.

Buyers turn to sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and AngiesList to find reviews and recommendations on restaurants, travel, and services.

Today, the software buying process is no different. Here are 5 ways that reviews impact a software buyer's decision:

  • Reviews create third-party validation. They instill prospects with confidence and evidence to make an informed decision. The more reviews a product has, the more data can be shared with users. Data helps potential buyers make tough decisions regarding what software may be best for their needs.
  • Buyers seek out reviews. There are a lot of software options on the market and the decision making process can be confusing for buyers. Buyers look for information and input from others before purchasing a product and turn to online communities for this input. Reviews help individuals use the collective voice to make their decisions.
  • Reviews impact lead generation. The more reviews a product has, the higher possibility of capturing leads. In one G2 Crowd case study, it was found that a customer that performed a review campaign received 200% more reviews. Reviews help improve conversion rates for free trials and offers and can be a huge factor in closing deals. The more reviews a product has the better protection that product has from the occasional negative review.
  • Reviews educate buyers and new users. Buyers can learn information on different aspects of a product, such as implementation, best areas of use, and negative feedback. Reviews also provide a forum for users to share tips and tricks that can make the software experience easier and more enjoyable.
  • Reviews help software companies improve their products. Both positive and negative reviews can provide feedback on what works and doesn't work for particular users. This helps companies implement changes to keep customers happy and improve retention. Companies can display their great customer service by having representatives reach out to reviewers to resolve issues.

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