Why We Give: G2 Crowd's Culture of Giving Back

November 28, 2017

It's Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving back celebrated every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

At G2 Crowd, the idea of giving is ingrained in our company as we work to uphold the value of working with compassion and authenticity. Over the years we've "adopted" families for the holidays, loaded bread and baked goods at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and even developed a new charitable branch of our organization called G2 Gives.

Through G2 Gives, we’re able to work toward making the world a better place while supporting our mission to bring transparency to B2B buying. Every review we gather as part of a G2 Gives campaign equals a monetary donation to a charitable organization that is changing the world.

Earlier this year we ran a campaign to help hurricane victims which raised more than $12,000. We are currently raising funds for New Story and Chicago Tech Academy.

Today we're taking a moment to step back and ask G2 Crowd employees why giving is important to them. If the stories below inspire you to give, please consider taking seven minutes to write a software review to benefit those impacted by homelessness in Haiti.

For every review written, G2 Crowd will donate $10 to New Story, which has built more than 1,100 homes for families living around the world since 2011.

Natalie Rojas

Relationship Manager

Why Giving Is Important to Me: I have been so blessed to have the life, love, family and education that I've had. It's hard to imagine a life of real struggle. Something that could mean so little to me could be potentially life-changing for someone else. It feels wrong not to reach out when I have so much.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: I feel proud to work for a company that gives to so many organizations and is always thinking about how we can use our platform to reach and help underserved groups. The other cool thing is that it's not all company mandated.

There are so many people here who do things individually, support causes they feel passionately about and take time to get others on board.

Ludwig Gerdes

Support Engineer

Why Giving Is Important to Me: I don't frequently talk about this or tell this story because it doesn't define who I am today, but when I was a kid my family wasn't particularly well off. We lived in a relatively impoverished community near Macon, GA, and rented the first floor of a house that had a number of problems such as a mouse infestation, lead paint, etc.

We were evicted from the house when my parents complained about the lead paint, which had started peeling. Unfortunately, this was the only place that we could afford, so they packed the car and moved my brothers and me to a local campground.

We had two tents: one for my parents and youngest brother, who was one or two at the time, and then another for my older brother and me. We lived there for roughly six months, but thinking back on it it feels like longer.

One of my most vivid memories was one point when the nearby river changed course during the rainy season and flooded the campground and our tents in the middle of the night. I was only six at the time and it was 1997 or so. So I had some Pokémon cards (that I had begged my parents for) spread out in our tent, and when our tent was flooded those were all but destroyed. My father put them in some textbooks he had to dry out, so I still have a couple that show the water stains from that night.

Eventually, my parents saved up enough to move us into motels where we felt like kings, but still.

So giving is important to me because I still remember that time of my life when we were frequently reliant on the charity of others to get by.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: It means an amazing amount. But it's important for us to realize as a company that there's always more that we can do. We should never be satisfied with how much we have given. And from a development standpoint, we know we could do more to give back to the open-source community that has given so much to us.

Josh Marsh

Mid-Market Account Executive

Why Giving Is Important to Me: You never know when your help can mean the world to someone else. Time is hard to come by, but taking time out for others and seeing the effects of that is one of the best feelings you could have.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: It shows that I am working for the right company which values hard work and compassion. This aligns with my own personal values.

Andrew Stapleton

VP, Customer Success

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Everything I have is a gift. Even the things that I think I have "earned" or worked for wouldn't have been remotely possible if not for the many undeserved foundations in my life. The family I was born into, the faith my parents taught me, the education they paid for, the breaks and opportunities I have gotten in my career, the wife I was lucky enough to meet and convince to marry me. The only things a person has are what he or she has received from another person. That is something that compels me to give in general.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: In the current software/start-up community, giving seems to have become almost standard. That said, I love that G2 Crowd is committed to giving at a company level in interesting ways such as through G2 Gives to some great charities (e.g., New Story, which helps to build homes in Haiti).

Tammy Kahn

VP, Market Development and Agency Relations

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Giving is a way for me to leave this world a bit better than I found it and to set an example for my son.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: I feel very fortunate to work for a company committed to giving back. We live in such a fast-paced world. We often think we are very connected, but it isn't always the case. There are so many people and places in need of our help. I love how we are coupling initiatives that will drive our technological growth with causes that will drive social and economic growth.

Brad Rosen

VP, Revenue Operations

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Giving is important to me because there are a lot of people that can use my help. I am fortunate to have the ability to give my time back to those in need. Many times, even the smallest amount of time or money can go a long way to drastically help others.  

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: G2 Gives is really important to me. Our company has done very well and being able to share some of that success with others means a lot. Showing compassion is a core value of ours. What better way to show compassion to others than to give time and money back to great causes?

Malcolm Brown

Sales Business Development Representative

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Giving is important to me because I have experienced struggle, and we're all on the same team: Team Humanity. Sometimes all you need is a little help and direction.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: I love that we focus on giving back. It's one thing to coordinate a generic event and scrap together some participants, but at G2 a lot of thought goes into what impact we can make and how.

Andrew Ledet

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Giving started at an early age in my family. No matter how little I had, there was always something — food, time, money — that could be shared. I have tried to continue that spirit each day of being generous in helping others whenever possible.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: Working with G2 Crowd is a constant reminder to be generous and humble. Coming to work each day is a blessing and encourages me to do my best as an employee, but also as a human. How can I add to the greater good on this earth? In the past year, we have had outings to help the Chicago Food Depository, Habitat for Humanity and Chicago Tech Academy, and the year isn't even done yet!

Mike Conti

Mid-Market Account Executive

Why Giving Is Important to Me: Giving is important for many reasons. First, we all have had help along the way and, as humans, we owe it to one another to "pass it forward" in one way or another. It's how we will continue to grow and evolve as individuals and, more importantly, as a society. Another reason why giving back is important is because there is someone out there in the world who is sitting there looking for, or even more, needing that little extra help. Each one of us can make a difference and it can be in the form of the simplest of gestures. Giving back also benefits us personally by allowing us to make deeper connections and fill any fulfillment voids that our normal day-to-day life/job may not. It deepens our sense of purpose.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: Catered lunch, games (e.g., ping-pong) and company parties are all amazing perks to have, but working for a company that truly understands the importance of giving back shows what the company is really aboutYes, the bottom line is important, but it's not the only thing that's important and it's not the only factor in a company's success. Working for a company that encourages its employees to give back shows our leadership's true colors. They understand how important it is to give back to our communities on local, national and global levels.

Knowing that I can help clients drive customer reviews coupled with the fact that those reviews help to build houses in Haiti or aid in hurricane relief is extremely rewarding. Not only are we helping our clients, but in turn our clients are also invested in helping others!

Lacy Coligan

Visual Design Director

Why Giving Is Important to Me: As someone who has been on the receiving end of much generosity, I know it can make a significant difference in peoples' lives. Growing up, my sister and I were taught to imagine being in someone else’s position, consider what we could personally contribute through our own talents or resources and then give how we’d like to be given to.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: Along with working alongside amazingly talented folks, it makes every day rich with an overwhelming sense of being part of something greater than myself.

Adam Beeson

Communications Director

Why Giving Is Important to Me: I grew up in a military family and lived around the globe. The military community regularly brings everyone together to accomplish community missions. Whether that’s charitable giving or caroling at the holidays, the community is always a priority. Unfortunately, I feel that is a lost concept for many in our culture. We have lost sight of the value of giving back. It’s not about the money or food or time that you give back. It is about setting the example that helping your common human is an opportunity to be cherished and celebrated. And that building a stronger, more cohesive community should be a gift we can provide to future generations.

What It Means to Me to Work at a Company Committed to Giving Back to Others: The truly great companies have always understood that a stronger community helps the business thrive. Whether you look at Coca-Cola’s “Buy the World a Coke” campaign and its evolution to social focus, Microsoft’s enormous contributions to building libraries around the world or Salesforce’s 1/1/1 model, the great brands always understand that being a community pillar is important. At G2 Crowd we are building this into our foundation. It’s part of who we are and it’s enormously valuable to how we are influencing the world. It’s important because of the benefits we can provide on a daily basis, but the real power is in the example we are setting for the rest of the world.