Hurricane Relief: Now is the Time to Give to Others

September 25, 2017

The Caribbean, Gulf, and Atlantic Coasts have been hammered by hurricanes this year. 

The damage to these communities has been devastating- and unlike the U.S., many of the island nations of the Caribbean do not have the resources to bounce back from the destruction.

Hurricane relief

Haiti is a country that is simply unable to rebound without help from the rest of the world. Tens of thousands of Haitians are still homeless from the 2010 earthquake.  Now, their already mud-floored and tarp-covered homes have been ravaged by torrential rain and wind from the recent hurricanes.

The Haitian people need assistance from every corner of the Earth.   

G2 Crowd and New Story Charity are partnering to help them.  Building a new home in Haiti costs $6,000.  Through this endeavor, we have committed to build a community of 80 homes for these families. To do this, we are asking professionals to help us and donate just ten minutes of their time.

How you can help

Follow the link at the bottom of this page and review a business software or service you use (write as many as you’d like). In exchange for your completed and verified review, we will donate $10 to New Story. For every additional completed and verified review, we will donate another $10. Then, share your review on LinkedIn and encourage your friends and colleagues to write one.

Yes, we plan to build 80 homes in Haiti. But that’s just the goal. It’s not the limit.  

If your company wants to participate with a G2 Gives Review Campaign of their own, we would love to work with them. These campaigns come at no cost to the company and are designed for either employees or customers to write reviews.

Please take a few minutes and help us to help the people of Haiti. Together, we can make an enormous difference.

Write a review to support the Haitian people