Your Opinion Can Build a Home

November 28, 2017

I wonder how many product reviews were read by Amazon customers on Cyber Monday.A million? Hundreds of millions? Considering the retail giant does more than $3 billion in sales on that day alone, the actual number would be staggering. But I’m guessing that the more than 59 million visitors on Cyber Monday 2016 probably read more than an average of one review each.

But reading reviews to make a decision isn’t just for Cyber Monday. We all use reviews as part of our daily buying process. Everything from the new family roadster to the best local diner is influenced by our peers' opinions.

That influential power means that those opinions have actual value.

If you’re like me and know a lot of people, you probably hear a LOT of opinions on every possible topic. The idea that those opinions have actual, tangible value is kind of crazy.

Over the holidays, my brother-in-law is going to give me his opinion on some aspect of how his workplace operates, and that opinion has value. That value might not include keeping my eyes open, but someone would be interested in his perspective…

All of the above begs the question: Can we leverage the value of our opinions to do some good in the world?

G2 Gives believes that we can. Working with New Story Charity, G2 Gives is collecting the opinions of the business world on the software and services they use on a daily basis. For each of those reviews, we will make a $10 donation to New Story toward building a home for a family in need in Haiti.

Most of these families are victims of the 2010 earthquake and are still living under a tarp with a mud floor. It’s horrifying to realize that this island nation cannot provide the infrastructure to help its people find a safe place to raise their families. The people of Haiti need our help, and the team at G2 Crowd has committed to building homes for 80 families.

  • 600 opinions will build a new home in Haiti
  • 189 of the opinions will build the foundation
  • 84 of the opinions will build the roof
  • 66 of the opinions will provide basic access to water and sanitation

I think the family and friends that I will see over the holidays are good for a roof, and I’m going to ask them to help.

What about you? Will your opinion help us to build a home in Haiti this holiday season?