Objective Paradigm & G2 Gives: Working to Build a Better Chicago

August 18, 2017

We take pride in the communities we call home.

Our neighbors, local businesses, and having access to many valuable amenities make these places special. The same is true for G2 Crowd and our home, Chicago.

The Windy City offers a wide variety of amazing opportunities for companies of all industries and sizes. As good neighbors, these businesses want to help create the best community possible. This is one of the motivating factors behind our latest G2 Gives campaign, where we partnered with ITA to support Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech).

ChiTech’s focus on STEM education is training tomorrow’s tech leaders today. Unfortunately, Chicago’s public schools face a constant funding battle, leaving ChiTech tasked with raising more than half a million dollars annually. Helping these young people is an investment in the future of our city and our industry.

Recently, Chicago-based staffing agency Objective Paradigm (OP) learned about our new G2 Gives initiative and was intrigued to find out more. OP has built a culture that embraces its role as a corporate citizen with T4Youth and other projects supporting organizations, like Feeding America and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

“G2 Crowd is a fantastic platform that supports our own value of transparency in software performance and delivery of services,” said Ryan Pollock, managing partner at OP. “This program is a true win-win. We can review our own practices, as well as raise funds to improve our city with Chicago Tech Academy.”

OP’s 55 employees jumped at the opportunity to participate in the new initiative, quickly collecting more than 100 reviews! To date, the team has raised more than $1,000 and continues to collect reviews to support ChiTech.

When businesses partner to improve the community around them, they can have a profound impact. G2 Gives is a simple program that converts professional experience and opinions into resources to help educate our next generation.

Take 10 minutes, follow the example set by the team at OP and make a difference in the life of a young adult at ChiTech. If we all wrote a review to support ChiTech, funding for the school would no longer be an issue.

Thanks for helping the students with G2 Gives!

Write a Review To Help ChiTech