New Story and G2 Gives Striving to Build a Better World

August 24, 2017

At G2 Crowd, we have created G2 Gives to build a bridge between the business and nonprofit worlds.

With our platform and culture of giving, we are in a unique position to make this happen. We’re excited to announce our most recent initiative – working with New Story Charity to build 80 homes in Haiti for families displaced by the 2010 earthquake.

New Story builds homes in low-income areas, such as Haiti, and works to transform slums into communities. Its work reflects the needs and wants of the local community. This unique model builds a home with the input of its future inhabitants.

Last year, our CEO, Tim Handorf, visited Haiti with members of his church and saw some of the nearly 60,000 Haitians that are still homeless from the 2010 earthquake. Months later, when G2 Crowd was introduced to New Story, the seeds of this partnership were planted.

G2 Crowd was drawn to New Story’s intentional model, centered around the idea that it all starts with a home. A home provides opportunities for safety, health, work, and education. The communities New Story will build in are desperately in need. Currently, families are living in tents, with dirt floors and limited ability to provide.

New Story is committed to bringing transparency to the donor process – which is part of the reason why we were so drawn to them. Every cent donated goes toward building homes, and those homes are built with local labor – further helping the community. New Story also provides donors with a video update of the family they have helped when they move into the newly built home.

The review campaign we are running through G2 Gives joins forces with New Story to build 80 homes – an entire community – for Haitian families. At $10 per review, and $6,000 per home, we’ll be working together to collect 48,000 reviews of business software and solutions. An entire community of homes will provide enormous opportunities for these families. With a plan to donate $480,000, G2 Gives is ramping up, and we are excited to help these families!

If you’re interested in running a review campaign to support New Story charity, email our team at g2gives@g2crowd.comOne company has the power to build an entire home, or even an entire street. As always, help G2 Crowd in our mission to bring transparency to the B2B solutions marketplace.

If you’d simply like to provide a review to support this initiative, please click below.

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