G2 Crowd Raises Series A Funding

July 29, 2015

To our "Crowd,"

Today G2 Crowd announced a $7mm Series A funding round led by Chicago-based Pritzker Group Venture Capital.

We are excited that this will allow us to take another step forward toward achieving our vision of changing the way businesses buy and sell technology:

A vision that businesses openly share and learn from each other's experiences so everyone can make better purchase decisions.

A vision that software providers who develop great products and take care of their customers continue to grow. A vision that innovation and execution will have more impact on the success of a software provider than the crafted messages sales and marketing teams spin. A vision that making the right selection is easy and your confidence of successful implementation is high.

Although we have a long way to go, we believe we are leading the way. This is all thanks to you. Over the past three years we have seen more than 37,000 reviews written by real users of almost 15,000 products—and each month more than 300,000 software buyers are reading those reviews. In addition, we have seen leading software providers embrace the message of transparency with their customers and prospects.

We are proud of all that has been accomplished so far, but we will need more to make the vision a reality.

You are "the Crowd" — and we need your help to bring our vision to life.

If you use business software, share your experiences, authentically, so others can learn from you. If you buy business software, take time to read the reviews on G2 Crowd—and if there aren't any, ask the software provider why. Let them know that you value the expertise of their users and you want to speak to and hear from more of them. If you are a software provider, encourage your customers to share their experiences and learn from what they say.

Whether you have written a review, read the reviews, downloaded a report, encouraged your users to write a review or are part of the team here that has enabled you to do so, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks. You are building "the Crowd."