Customer Experience Builds Loyalty and Loyalty Builds Value

March 21, 2016

Customer experience is about your customers' entire journey with your company, product or service over time. When that total experience feels authentic and creates a truly personal, emotional connection, it builds loyalty. And loyalty builds value.

Customer loyalty is worth building

Loyal customers spend more money and often provide powerfully effective free word-of-mouth advocacy for your company’s products or services.

Numerous statistics underscore the value of loyal customers. For example:

Loyalty isn’t just about whether a customer happens to buy from you—even if regularly. There are many reasons a customer might purchase from you that have little, if anything, to do with loyalty.

Convenience, price, habit, and lack of information are just a few examples why a customer might routinely buy from you. Those reasons are often easy for competitors to overcome. Losing that customer might be a convenience-click away.

Create personal connections and true believers

A loyal customer believes in your company’s product or service. A loyal customer wants to do business with you because of who and what you are.

customer-loyaltyA loyal customer feels something for your company, products and services. To gain that kind of loyalty you must create a real, personal, and emotional connection with your customer—and honor that connection across the entire customer experience.

Be something worth believing in

When your brand is caring, authentic, and transparent—and your customer experiences that across their entire journey—it builds a loyal relationship and tremendous mutual value. That’s why it’s so important to really win at customer experience.

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