The G2 Crowd Torch is Lighting the Way to B2B Transparency

August 10, 2016

In 2012 the world gathered in London to watch the Olympic games and celebrate international competition.

That same year, a team of five software professionals gathered to start a new project, bound by the idea of bringing transparency to the B2B marketplace. Four years later we are again watching the Olympic games, this time in Brazil. For our team at G2 Crowd, this milestone serves as an opportunity to reflect on our first four years as a company.

G2 Crowd was born when we saw that user-reviews were carrying enormous influence in the B2C space, and we felt it was time to bring the same transparency to B2B buyers. Now, as we approach a major milestone, we reflect on what we have learned since 2012.

First and foremost, we were correct; the marketplace has embraced our mission. Tens of thousands of B2B software buyers are utilizing G2 Crowd every day. Including verified user-reviews in the buying process has become an expectation, demonstrated by the fact that 67 percent of buyers are influenced by reviews.

This month, G2 Crowd will eclipse the 100,000 verified user-review plateau. Our site has become an astounding public resource and is engaging people at a staggering rate.  Today, business professionals are submitting an average of more than 7,000 reviews per month. These numbers have defined G2 Crowd as the industry leader. If you haven’t already reviewed the software you use, what are you waiting for?

The breadth and depth of our reviews are allowing us to find better ways to interpret and share the data.  Soon G2 Crowd will be releasing new and more in-depth report types.  For instance, new segmented reports look at software categories specifically based on the company size of the reviewers.  This will allow business owners to compare products specifically built for their needs, reviewed by users in like-sized companies.

We are also initiating a new series of performance index reports.  These will pull together multiple data points dealing with a single, important, buyer decision criteria in areas like implementation, usability and results. If you need a product that gets up and running easily and quickly, the new implementation report could be key to finding your next solution.

The data provided by users carries enormous value for the world.  As G2 Crowd continues to find new and better ways to present this information, we succeed in our mission to bring transparency to the B2B space.  In the coming months, watch as some of the world’s most recognized brands begin to find new ways to partner with us and bring transparency to their own product. But that’s another exciting story for the future.