How I Launched My Sales Career (And How You Can Too!)

“There’s an understanding here that if you work hard, G2 will put their time, effort and support...

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2017 Year in Reviews (+ Infographic)

2017 was a great year.


Integrated Philanthropy: An Incredible Opportunity to Make the World and Your Company Better

The concept of integrated philanthropy as a function of business may be new to many, but it’s rapidly...

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Why We Give: G2 Crowd's Culture of Giving Back

It's Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving back celebrated every year on the Tuesday after...

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Your Opinion Can Build a Home

I wonder how many product reviews were read by Amazon customers on Cyber Monday.

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Four Leadership Lessons Learned From My Cross Country Coach

Fall is here, and, for me, it doesn’t bring back memories of football.

G2 Crowd Eclipses 250,000 Verified, User Reviews!

Five years ago, we founded G2 Crowd with the mission of bringing transparency to the B2B software...

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Hurricane Relief: Now is the Time to Give to Others

The Caribbean, Gulf, and Atlantic Coasts have been hammered by hurricanes this year. 

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Ensuring the Credibility of Online Reviews

Companies of all sizes depend on the data in online reviews to make personal and business decisions.

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Recognizing Women CEOs in Tech

Last month, The SaaS Report released its annual report on the top 50 SaaS CEOs. 

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New Story and G2 Gives Striving to Build a Better World

At G2 Crowd, we have created G2 Gives to build a bridge between the business and nonprofit worlds.

G2 Gives

Objective Paradigm & G2 Gives: Working to Build a Better Chicago

We take pride in the communities we call home.

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Help Us Raise Funds to Support Chicago Tech Academy

Since our earliest days, even before I joined, G2 Crowd has been committed to bringing transparency...

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How We Got Here: A Look Back at the Experience That Sparked G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd has a lot to celebrate these days. This June not only marks our fifth year in business - it...


Why We Raised a $30M Series B Round

Today is a big day for G2 Crowd: We announced the closing of a $30 million series B investment round...

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The Importance of Being Frugal With Time

If someone would’ve told 12-year-old me that I’d go on to found a startup in one of the world’s...

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G2 Gives: Why We Care About the Global Water Crisis

663 million.  That is a huge number. It is the number of people without access to a local, reliable...

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Water for the World with G2 Gives

I am guilty of taking a lot for granted, and I’m not alone.

100,000 Verified Reviews: Thank You!

G2 Crowd was founded four years ago to bring transparency to the world of B2B software. 

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The G2 Crowd Torch is Lighting the Way to B2B Transparency

In 2012 the world gathered in London to watch the Olympic games and celebrate international...

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Customer Experience Builds Loyalty and Loyalty Builds Value

Customer experience is about your customers' entire journey with your company, product or service...

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Why You Need Software Reviews

Review platforms are the norm in many levels of today's purchasing process.

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Stop Buying the Wrong Software

G2 Crowd is built on a vision that everyone can make better purchase decisions when businesses openly...

G2 Crowd Raises Series A Funding

To our "Crowd,"

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Transparency at G2 Crowd

A pledge to our users, customers, team and investors: We will earn your trust by being transparent...

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Transparency Series: You’re Already Naked… Embrace It

Your current, past and potential customers are talking about you. It’s time to join the conversation.

2014: A Banner Year for G2 Crowd

From growing our community to site updates and milestones traction, 2014 was a stellar year for G2...

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Peer Insights, the Crowd & Big Data: the Modern Way to Select Enterprise Software

We started G2 Crowd to change the game in business software buying. We saw the shortcomings with the...

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G2 Crowd: Defining and Building Culture from the Start

Culture has always been at the core of G2 Crowd.

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Can crowdsourcing disrupt Gartner? Tech community reacts to the Grid

Yesterday, we at G2 Crowd announced the Grid as our crowdsourced alternative to Gartner’s Magic...

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How crowd wisdom disrupts traditional research

Whether they are buying a car or planning a trip, savvy buyers have always sought out knowledge and...


The G2 Alpha Vision

This post was written in 2012, prior to the conception of our final and definite company name, G2...