2017 Year in Reviews (+ Infographic)

January 23, 2018

2017 was a great year.

It’s hard to believe I’m only two weeks away from my two-year mark with G2 Crowd. Having worked with some of the founders and employees at a prior company, it feels like about 15 — in a good way.

The year 2017, my second at G2 Crowd, brought some amazing milestones from an equally amazing team. None of which would have been possible without the vendors who believe in our mission and choose to partner with us, and the users who contribute to our community.

Having the honor of running a few different functions on our research team grants me a unique lens into G2 Crowd’s business. This year, I’m using that lens to give a 2017 Year in Reviews.  

In 2017, G2 Crowd brought in more than 180,000 validated reviews. To give you an idea of scale, in a single year we acquired the same amount of reviews that we acquired in the whole company history. Here is an annual breakdown of verified reviews gathered by year:

  • 2012 – 2,000
  • 2013 – 6,000
  • 2014 – 13,000
  • 2015 – 30,000
  • 2016 – 77,000
  • 2017 – 180,000

Looking back at prior milestones, we passed the 100k mark in September 2016 and then 250k in October 2017.

Over these past six years, we at G2 Crowd hope we have earned your trust. So instead of looking at just how many reviews we rejected (24,973) to ensure our community stayed high in quality, we pulled out some stats that we can all hopefully learn a bit from.

Here is our 2017 Year in Reviews Infographic, we hope you enjoy it and learn more about how we’re working to change B2B software buying. And we thank all our vendor partners and community contributors for making 2017 such a great year!


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